Private Equity perspective to public equity investing

We invest in public equity, but our approach is that of a private equity firm. We always invest with 100% business owner mindset.

Rowan Street Capital, LLC is a private investment partnership making concentrated long-term investments in the public markets.

Our investment approach is characterized by concentrated, long-term ownership of high quality stocks. The portfolio consists largely of eight to twelve core investments with an expected holding period of at least three to five years. Our investment process involves exhaustive, innovative fundamental research and a proprietary valuation method. The fund manages capital on behalf of highly respected individual investors, families and foundations.

Why Rowan Street?

We founded Rowan Street in March of 2015 with the three key beliefs:

1) We could compound capital at double-digit internal rates of return over a multi-year investment horizon while retaining strong emphasis on capital preservation.  
2) We should not get paid until we make our investors money!
3) We should ”eat our own cooking” as alignment of interests is critical to investment success.

From very humble beginnings, starting very small with just our personal capital, we set out to think and act like owners of businesses and believed that we could achieve our long term goal with enough patience and discipline, and of course, with carefully-chosen limited partners that trust us and believe in our vision.